Ambassador Program

The Contract Period

The Brand Rep will be involved for a period of approximately 3 calendar months. If both parties desire to continue the contract after this period, the below terms and conditions stand.

What's Involved

  • Having a public and very active Instagram account.
  • Purchasing a minimum of 50$/month and actively utilizing your discount code.
  • Genuine love, support, and enthusiasm for the products and our brand.
  • Promote the brand on your own Instagram through photography & videography of wearing/using Copper+Sage products at least once per week. Please make sure photos/videos are clear and backgrounds are neutral. 
  • Email unwatermarked photos to A minimum of 3 photos per item required. Any blurry photos will not be used or reposted, so it is highly encouraged to provide quality, clear, and bright photos. 
  • Promote and interact with us! Share any and all brand announcements such as promotions, giveaways, and new product launches as either post or Instagram Stories.
  • Copper+Sage reserves the right to use any and all photographs brand reps send us of our products being modeled on all social media accounts, promotional flyers, our websites, and all advertisements.

What The Brand Rep Gets In Return

  • A 30% off coupon code for only you to use for the duration of your Rep term- 3 photos due per item ordered and per discounted item bought.
  • A unique 15% off coupon code for your followers and friends for the duration of the term.
  • Earn free items/bigger discounts- for every 5th time someone uses your 15% off code or mentions your Instagram handle at checkout, you will earn 20$ shop credit.
  • Insider updates on Copper+Sage news & releases.
  • Lots of love, support, and appreciation- have a giveaway or need help with something like a GoFundMe? We are happy to spread the word and help where we can. 
  • Exposure on Copper+Sage social media.
  • A community of mamas that we are confident will become friends. Once accepted into the program, we will add you to our ambassador group chat!

End Contract

We have the right to withdraw you from the contract at anytime, without question, if we find you are not abiding by the terms and conditions. High quality photos must be given in return of discounted products; failure to do so will result in the brand rep having to return the item(s) or pay for the item(s) in full.