About C+S...

Elevating the modern motherhood experience with handmade and whole.


Copper + Sage empowers modern mothers’ discerning taste with limited-edition, European-made baby clothing and wholistic health products.


Quality + Simplistic + Modern

About our Founder...

Brailey Dean, former pediatric nurse and mom herself, took a leap of faith to supply other modern mamas with the choices she found lacking on the baby product market. 

Most notably drawn to muted tones and simplistic details, Brailey sources high-quality, European-made pieces in limited edition in order that moms like her can express their discerning fashion taste with total confidence in their babies’ comfort. 

This mission quickly expanded into other means for empowering women’s confidence as new moms–Copper + Sage also supplies holistic products for supporting healthy milk supply, vitamin intake, and energy levels.